Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hello Everyone!

I am Kathrine Wernerson. I am not sure what we are meant to blog as there wasn't anything to really relate to such as previous posts. So I decide to start.... so please no judging. I really enjoyed the first BA1002 tutorial as we mentioned all of our names and who we know. It was interesting to see what all of you are studying and how far into your studies you are. I found it really useful when we were put into groups and discuss the assessments that are required to complete this semester. I enjoyed studying BA1001 last semester and hoping that BA1002 will be enjoyable as well. (:


  1. Thanks for breaking the ice, Kathrine! I look forward to reading the rest of the posts that come this week :)

  2. Hi Kathrine, Great to see someone opening up the discussions. I will try this comment box to see if i can get the blogger to work before i post my first blog this morning. Good luck with your blog.