Friday, 13 September 2013

Apple - A humble foodstuff or a global electronics corporation?

Image: Apple Logo
Large corporations control our consumption patterns of food in order to maximize their profits with little regard to the consequences for the producers of this food who are mainly located in developing countries (Patel, R. 2009). Apple Corporation displays the same tight control of production and distribution of their electronic products as may be seen in the production and distribution of apples as a food product on many worldwide supermarket shelves.

Unlike other consumer electronic companies Apple Corporation maintains strict control over the software and hardware available for their own product range. Apple gives consumers a very limited range of choice and maintains tight control of the global pricing of their products.

In my virtual network of MacRumors the Macintosh type of apple from which the original apple computer was named is the major form in which food is mentioned within the network. The logo for Apple Corporation has developed over many years however it has always been used in the advertising of the products to indicate a premium product comparing the Apple computer product to the actual premium quality apple for food consumption.

Kuttainen (2013) stated in this weeks lecture “food may be seen as an expression of a person’s identity”. This is expressed in MacRumors by the number of questions and answers from members wishing to gain further information regarding the use of Apple computers for graphic design.

 Apple computers have become the standard computer of choice within the graphic design and music production industries forming an integral part of these industries.

Additional opinions on using Apple products for graphic design and music production may be found at


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