Friday, 20 September 2013

Tweets Going Global

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Twitter has never been an outlet for direct advertisements or marketing strategies, however it does use a more subtle form of advertising. Instead of advertising products and services directly like other social networks, Twitter advertises other users that you may want to follow. Once you click the 'follow' button on a user's profile, Twitter then feeds you a list of suggestions based on the profile you just followed. Twitter also has a column along the side of the home page in which there are users who are 'trending' in the world of Twitter; users who are popular and are followed by many other users on the network.

The following website talks about the algorithm used by Twitter in order to determine which users and topics are trending week by week:

Dicken (2007) states that “the era of globalisation has been marked by dramatic increases in technology, trade and investment”. Companies on Twitter are quite aware of this and so through tweets to their followers aim to broadcast their product loudly and clearly to the Twitter universe. These companies aim to be 'trending' on Twitter as once they are a popular topic, more of their product is out in the public eye and as a result they obtain more recognition and hopefully more success as a business. 

Globalisation is a huge influence on our world today, and Twitter enables this by creating a network that flows smoothly between users. Within this network it is easy to see the different interests of users and the links they have to other users by what they tweet about and who's posts they choose to retweet, as well as the kind of users they choose to follow. 
In this regard, Twitter has enabled globalisation to take place within their social network and continues to link people together from all corners of the globe.


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