Friday, 20 September 2013

Instagram Globalization

Through the process of globalization, my social networking site Instagram, has become a hive for advertising and marketing strategies. With over 100 million users, Instagram is one of the most popular and widespread, hand held only, social networks, not only appealing to the average citizen, but is very much in the interests of corporations. Powerful Corporations are known to have tight control over the geographical spread of networks, such as the internet, where the spread of culture though social networks reaches millions. Technologies have, “transformed the process and organization of production” (Dicken, 2007), so it is only fitting that corporations would follow these trends, creating a new market for profit.

Although globalization has a large effect on society, individually globalization can have an alienation like effect on people, distancing them from their own cultural values to replace them with an imported identity. This is especially evident within Instagram, where users are constantly bombarded with foreign concepts, allowing cultural diffusion to occur. Reaching the across the world, corporations use these online programs to promote their products and services. These companies usually create their own profile, allowing people to follow their page and share with friends. I have noticed the most used form of advertisement on Instagram, is in to form of competitions and prizes, where users share the page with their followers and are put in the running to win extravagant prizes.

These corporation have such a far reaching effect, that they control the economic and social aspects of our lives. Almost all first world countries operate under the influence of these corporations, constructing society as a whole. The following link will provide an essay on the effects of Globalization.


Dicken, P. (2007). Winning and losing. In Global Shift: mapping the changing contours of the world economy. London: SAGE Publications Inc. 

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