Friday, 6 September 2013

The evolution of the diary in the digital age.

Image:  Day 9: Avoid the beach ball of doom.

The format of the diary is once again undergoing a period of evolution with the growing influence of the digital age with its ability to allow the author to network with a vast array of readers via the new form of digital diary known as a blog (McNeill, 2011). This transition has however carried along with it the idea that blogs are not all similar but fit into many and varied types of genre.

The idea that a genre is based on similarities and conventions (Van Lyun, 2013) may be seen in the different sub forums within MacRumors. The development of the genre from diary into the essay into blogs has created a new form of writing which allows for the grouping of ideas and the use of hyperlinks as these are often used to allow the reader to explore the topic discussed in much greater detail.

The form of diary now known as a blog is evolving at an astonishing rate. No longer is a blog just a single entity but part of a much larger networked community of online social network sites that are increasingly becoming interwoven with each other. The power of the ideas expressed by the contributors on MacRumors is further enhanced by the provision of links to Facebook and Twitter on the front page of the site which it is possible to follow by use of the link


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 Day 9: Avoid the beach ball of doom. Image (2013). Retrieved from 26314589

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